Monday, June 19, 2017

The End Where We Start.

Outfit Details:
Dress - SWAK Designs (my summer MUST HAVE!)
Sweater Vest - Forever 21 (So ancient it is actually "Faith 21")...similar item here
Necklace - Etsy
Shoes - Easy Spirit
Ring - Bloodmilk
Bracelet - Fitbit Flex2

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Rogue + The Wolf

I first became acquainted with The Rogue + The Wolf when they were solely a jewelry company who sold witchy rings and necklaces.  Recently, I noticed that they had expanded to clothing, but as a per usual, the sizes stopped at XL. Cue to just a little while later: they announce that they now offer up to size 3X!  Alternative plus size clothing is a market that absurdly underserved, leaving most customers to DIY and pick the black options from mainstream stores. Hell, I even have a Pinterest styling board where I do just that.  It is refreshing to be able to shop at a speciality store dedicated to an aesthetic.  Here are my favorite selections from their current offerings.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Outfit Details:
Jacket: Beth Ditto for Evans (ancient)
Dress and Leggings: Torrid (both recent but currently sold out online)
Necklace and Ring: Bloodmilk Jewels (ring/necklace)
Bracelet: Fitbit
Shoes: Crocs (also ancient)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring . Revamp

Full disclosure: while I still immerse myself in style and fashion on the daily, I am a mother of 2 very small children.  I live in this ASOS Swing Tank Dress and a high bun…very little make up. Living in So-Cal, I can even go days on end without putting on shoes. However, both of my girls are walking and talking and gaining independence each day. I am beginning to feel like I can slap on a lipstick and take them out, so I am trying to update my wardrobe with easy pieces that add oomph without much fuss.  Here is my current wish list for a spring upgrade!

Gunmetal Brand Pyramid Slides (thanks for the heads up, Simply Studded!)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Snagged . Rick Owens

It's dupe time again!  After falling madly in love with one of Rick Owens' latest jackets, I decided he would make a good candidate for snagging.  If they won't make plus sizes, that doesn't mean we can't cop their style!  It's been awhile, so a quick refresher: the style on the left is the original Rick Owens piece and the style on the right is the plus size version I have pulled to recreate the look.  He is the MASTER of cool, easy pieces and so many of these would look amazing layered.  Make sure to check out the garments and as always: feel free to recommend another designer you'd like me to Snag in the comments!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


It is no secret that shopping/browsing is my favorite pastime.  My degree is in fashion merchandising, I scoured the globe for Domino Dollhouse (in addition to designing, of course), and now I obsessively Pinterest my personal finds.  So often when I'm window shopping, I see amazing pieces that fit my aesthetic, but not my life.  I am a mom in warm Southern California…so much clothing just doesn't work under that combination.  Throw in that I'm 5'9" with unusual proportions and I don't always save everything stellar to my Pinterest wish list.  So I had a thought: why not include a board of all of the amazing pieces that fit the overall BRXTRMN vibe, but would otherwise not be added to my wish list? Thus, the BRXTRMN.STYLE board was born.  I will add to it every week, all the freshest plus size pieces expertly curated for my readers.  Make sure to follow on Pinterest, but I will also include a link on the side of this blog in case you forget!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bye Bye Boosh

One of my favorite shops, Babooshka, is closing its doors very soon.  While of course I am sad, I'm so happy for the owner, Francesca, to venture on to new things.  As someone who closed their business to be a full time mom, I completely understand her desire to focus on her family and explore other avenues.  Pretty much everything is on sale, so PLEASE STOCK UP WHILE YOU CAN!! I wear her clothing several times a week and it got me through SO MANY years of pregnancy, travel, and working at home with panache. I popped on this Vent Maxi Tee in stripes and snapped some pics in honor of her closing.

Outfit Details:
Striped Vent Maxi Tee - Babooshka
Leggings - Yours Clothing
Shoes - Custom Converse

I wore this to the Hello Kitty Cafe, a mere 10 minutes from our house.  Here are some pics from the cafe!

Monday, January 16, 2017


You may have noticed that I do not wear a lot of color.  It's not because I do not love it, but I have always preferred black clothing on myself.  There's something infinitely cooler about it...but, when eShakti offered a dress for review I decided to branch out and try something else.  This incredible olive dress had a very futuristic vibe to it and so I jumped at the chance.  I opted for the style as shown, but as with all of their pieces you can make select changes to sleeve length, dress length, hem style, etc.  It was custom made to my measurements and was a perfect fit.  My only complaint would be that the zipper style is sewn in such a way that you cannot partially unzip it from the either has to be worn open or up.  But it is made of an incredibly comfortable and light weight jersey...SO easy to wear.  And of course, the eShakti favorite detail, POCKETS!

I wore it for the first time to see Rogue One...appropriate, right? I thought it was giving me major sci-fi vibes.  Check out the pictures and details below!

Outfit Details:
Dress - eShakti (gifted)
Leggings - Yours Clothing
Boots - Dr Martens (similar style here)
Ring - Hot Topic (old style)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life in the Vivid Dream

As per my previous post, we spent the weekend in Vegas.  We drove over to the Container Park to let the girls run amok and discovered all of the incredible artwork around this area of the city.  I gravitated towards this particular building and HAD to stop for an OOTD shoot (by artist Felipe Pantone).  This outfit is my quintessential go to...and I'm SHOCKED that I haven't shot in it before.  I live in the Deia Maxi by is the oversized asymmetrical maxi dress of my dreams.  Throw on my Beth Ditto cropped jacket (yes, I'm sure you are familiar with it if you have EVER read my blog), and my favorite leather chucks and I'm set.  It's so comfortable and easy, but I always feel chic in it.

Outfit Details:
Dress - Babooshka
Jacket - Beth Ditto for Evans
Shoes - Converse
Necklace - Anu Tera
Glasses - Derek Cardigan

Do you have outfit do you feel like expresses the core of your style?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Vital Signs

This past weekend my husband's work held their annual Holiday party in Las Vegas.  So we packed up the girls, Zara on her first road trip, and headed out to explore and celebrate.  I was stoked for the event because it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my Chubby Cartwheels Boleyn Dress in Velvet Burnout! This dress is SO elegant and yet just as comfortable as PJs...which, honestly, is the core of how I dress. I may need this dress in all the other materials's the perfect silhouette.

Outfit Details:
Dress - Chubby Cartwheels
Jacket - Beth Ditto for Evans (still my favorite)
Necklace - Wholesale Supplier from DD days
Bracelets - Torrid + Etsy
Rings - Red Sofa
Shoes - Crocs

My husband and I at the party