Thursday, December 1, 2016


My current mantlescape

I love to decorate for holidays.  It's another chance to express your aesthetic and test your creativity.  When it comes to Christmas, I've never been a traditional green and red person.  I've always had a pink tree, turquoise accents, pops of purple with lots of glitter and sparkle.  As we moved into our new house, I'm excited to have new areas to decorate and an updated aesthetic to work with.  I've been brainstorming, as always, on Pinterest with my Xmas 2016 board, which you can view here.  Since our budget is low due to the move + holidays, I'm going to try to craft some Himmeli decor pieces with straws and fishing line. If they turn out well, I'll make sure to share them here!

I do think when it comes to buying new decor, just as with your wardrobe, it's best to look for really great and unique pieces rather than buying everything from one store.  I found myself searching for vintage holiday items on Etsy and found a treasure trove of options.  Here are my favorite pieces!  Keep in mind, these are vintage and there is only 1 of each style! They may sell out quickly, but hopefully they can still serve as inspiration for your own home.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


We took a day trip out to DTLA to visit the Broad Museum.  The artwork is incredible and spirited…great for kids and adults alike. I wore my favorite Aakasha dress and Domino Dollhouse leggings (RIP) and snapped pics in front of some of the amazing collection.  Here are the details and images…

Outfit Details:
Dress - Aakasha
Leggings - Domino Dollhouse (closed)
Bracelets - Torrid + Martha Rotten

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I'm still lamenting that Halloween is over.  I wanted to share these photos last week, but unfortunately Remy took a bad tumble and we ended up in the emergency room receiving 7 stitches. She is doing so much better now, thank god!  To ease the pain of Halloween withdrawal, here are some pumpkin patch photos from the 30th.

Outfit Details:
Dress - ASOS
Leggings - Yours Clothing
Shoes - Gentle Soles
Hat - Target

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dark Side Sith

My little ones were characters from the Force Awakens, so I dug not so deeply into my closet and pulled together a Sith look for Halloween night.  You can see the girls' costume over at my kids style blog, the Witching Hour!

Outfit Details:
Hooded Maxi Sweater - Aakasha
Sheer Dress - Torrid (older style)
Strappy Bra - Torrid
Leather Harness - Deandri
Maxi Skirt - SWAK
Leather Gloves - eBay
Strappy Gloves - Illig (old style…maybe 13 years old??)
Shoes - New Rock
Light Saber - Amazon

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe time <3 p="">

Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloweek #4 . Zoolander!

This week's Halloweek on the Witching Hour blog features my little ghouls as Zoolander characters, Mugatu and Katina. Head on over there to see the full description and pictures!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kitchen Remix

We moved back in May of 2016 to our new home in Orange County.  We had small renovation plans, but upon actually moving it it became clear that the kitchen cabinets were not going to work for us.  They were original and let's just say, used but not well loved.  I looked inside one and saw the Blair Witch wave back.  Unusable drawers, cabinets that wouldn't close...needless to say, we switched from small renovations to one large one: a new kitchen.  Here is what they looked like before (seemingly not so bad, I admit, but just trust me on this one).


Since we were starting from scratch, of course I set to Pinterest.  Here are my main inspirations:

If you'd like to see more, I have a whole Pinterest board of them HERE.

The space was dark and without many cabinets (but TONS of gorgeous windows).  I wanted a clean, very modern and geometric look for the house, so we opted for flat, white panel cabinets with quartz counters and a silver hexagon back splash.  We added the matte black pulls and faucet and used a composite granite sink in metallic gray.  And now...finally...the finished product!

I'm so in love and cannot wait to fill it and style it with our stuff.  Hit me up in the comments if you like this post and want to see more of our home in later posts!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloweek . Orphan Black

Halloweek is NOW UP on my baby blog, the Witching Hour!  Make sure to check out this's week's installment, characters from Orphan Black!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Etsy . AgJc Jewelry

I've always been a "more is more" type of jewelry wearer.  The bigger the better, the more intense, more more more. But recently I have become transfixed with the brand Ag.Jc on Etsy.  Their geometric, well designed pieces are seemingly simple but good design often feels that way.  They offer incredibly innovative takes on delicate, traditional jewelry styles that feel fresh and cool.  They offer their designs in several finishes and rings go up to size 16!  Here are my favorite selections from their shop!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloweek: Anna + Karl

Halloweek #2 is NOW up on my kids style blog, the Witching Hour!  Remy and Zara are fashion icons this week, Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. Make sure to head on over to the other blog to see the full pictures and description!